We were extremely lucky to have a great pool of talent to fish out the people with the most passion and excitement for the project. Without further delay, here is the cast for The Last Buck Hunt!


Description: Kenny is the ambitious, yet untalented son of a hunting show guru, who is trying to live up to his father’s expectations through his fast-paced show called, “Who Gives a Buck?” He is energetic and well-intentioned, but he makes a better TV show host than he does an actual hunter.

Played by: Zack Gold

Zack is very excited to bring Kenny to life. He is also giving Kenny the love and attention he needs to make The Last Buck Hunt succeed. Zack is from the LA area and will be staying with a family friend to play the part of Kenny. He has been a dream to work with so far and embodies the character exactly how we imagined. Check out his audition video!

Description: Steve is an easygoing cameraman, who loves to be outdoors where he can constantly challenge himself in new ways. Raised by a hard-nosed father on a Nebraska farm, Steve enjoys the adventurous nature of his shoots.

Played by: Cathan Bordyn 

Cathan blew us away. He came into read for Steve and did such an awesome job we asked him to read for Kenny with no preparation. To be honest, if Zack hadn’t nailed Kenny’s character, we have tried to clone Cathan to play both Kenny and Steve. We are really lucky to have him aboard.

Description: Alex is an aspiring dubstep artist, who lives paycheck-to-paycheck recording sound for second-rate reality/outdoors TV shows. Alex is saving up cash to follow her dreams of living in Los Angeles and producing music for underground night clubs.
Played by: Briana Chicha

Briana gave us the most memorable audition. She came to Seattle Center during the uber-busy Bite of Seattle festival, dressed in full camouflage, rubber boots, and furry hat. That must have been quite the walk to the audition room… Nonetheless, she emulated Alex perfectly. She had just the right amount of apathy, sarcasm, and love for dubstep that we were looking for. I think she is going to give the male characters a run for their money.

Description: Remmy is an opportunist looking to make his next fistful of cash, no matter who he has to pretend to be. He has no pretensions and no shame, so he happily accepts his role has a local tracker and guide for a hunting TV show.

Played by: Scott C. Brown

When Scott first walked into the room, we kind of recognized him, but couldn’t place from where. We did know that he was a perfect Remmy and his performance evoked just the right amount of humor and sleaze to give the character life. It was only a few days later that we figured out where we had seen Scott: a Kickstarter project we backed a few months ago for a PNW horror film named The Anniversary. Needless to say, we are happy and lucky to have him aboard!

Description: Jenkins is a hard-nosed outdoors man, who gained fame for his amazing tracking and marksmanship skills on a hunting TV show. Now, he desperately attempts to keep his son from screwing up the family legacy.

Played by: Jon Lee

Just look at him! Jon has the perfect look for a retired hunting legend. He also has just enough grit to push the role over the top and sell Jenkins’ hunting prowess. Jon showed us that he can not only play a hard-nosed father, but he can also be endearing and understanding. A great fit for the role.

Description: Tina recently lost her dog, Bear, to the local wildlife and is having a hard time coping with the loss. She charges Kenny with the job of bringing the rouge animal to justice in the name of Bear.

Played by: Megan Elizabeth Wescott 

The second we spoke with Megan, we knew we wanted her to be a part of our movie. Her elegant red hair, childlike smile, and lighthearted tone fit Tina’s bill perfectly. Tina is actually one of the tougher side characters to play because she has to be funny, endearing, and emotionally distraught over just a few scenes. Megan can definitely pull this off.

Farmer Dan 
Description: If you’re not a straight shooter, then you may not want to waste Dan’s time. If he doesn’t like you, he will let you know. This no-nonsense farmer may not have been the best interview candidate for Kenny’s hunting show.

Played by: Andrew Tribolini

Andrew had a presence that we couldn’t ignore. There was something old fashioned and almost Shakespearean about his performance that impressed us. We knew he would not only bring Farmer Dan, but would properly command the screen to dwarf Kenny.

Description: William has worked most of his life in the fish and wildlife industry. Unfortunately, he found himself as a liaison on Kenny’s Who Gives a Buck? TV show. Usually, these jobs are pretty easy, but Kenny’s shenanigans prove to keep William on his toes, constantly having to “liais” around.

Played by: Dave Shecter

Dave was awesome. He was the first to audition for The Last Buck Hunt and his abundance of energy set the tone for the rest of the day. Dave reminded us of all the guys we have met with tough jobs, like loggers, foresters, truckers, and fisherman. Who better to play a rugged wildlife liaison?

Brad Feld 
Description: Brad Feld is a venture capitalist who was hiking in Washington State when he saw what seemed to be a giant deer. Brad was shaken by the encounter and is, for the first time, reporting his sighting to Kenny and crew.

Played by: Brad Feld

Brad Feld in a movie The Last Buck Hunt Seattle

Brad Feld will be playing himself! We are excited that Brad is the recipient of our “Night of The Living Deer” package, which means he gets to be in the movie. To be honest, we never thought that someone like Brad Feld would end up in our movie. After stalking Brad on YouTube and reading his blog like the morning paper, we found out that not only is he a kickass guy, he’s actually really funny. What a relief.

Description: Troy is an editor for Who Gives a Buck? and is a little self-conscience about his work. He doesn’t like his job much either. Even after editing some of the most ground-breaking footage anyone has ever seen, he still isn’t happy.

Played by: Aaron Wheeler

Aaron is an actor, but he doesn’t know it yet. Nick had the chance to direct him in an April Fool’s Day video at work and he surprised both of us with his talent. Putting a co-worker in front of the camera is usually an awkward affair that ends up being robotic or overacted. Not with Aaron. He took direction marvelously and impressed us enough to give him a role as Troy.