Independent filmmaking is going through an exciting time right now. At the age of 16, I got a taste of the digital revolution when my high school bought one of the first versions of Final Cut Pro. Non-linear editing and mini-DV cameras changed my life. Making videos and showing them off at school became my gateway to a microcosm of fame. I remember showing off a lightsaber movie that my best friends and I made. It was figuratively like showing cavemen fire. Not to say it was anything special or expertly crafted, but juniors in high school with an average graduating class of 50 didn’t expect it.    

Now high schools have film programs and Red cameras to nurture the future filmmakers. Access to awesome equipment is no longer an obstacle for many kids.  Story and maturity are the only bottleneck for the new generation of filmmakers. To an older independent filmmaker, this oversaturation of filmmakers can be daunting. Will I ever have the energy and creativity I did when I was first making videos? It is a difficult question with no real answer.

Becky Nick Sayers Indiestructible films seattle hvx200

As I approach my 30’s, it is easy for other “real life” responsibilities to tug me away from making films. Life has a way of confusing the hell out of you and always shuffling your priorities. That is why any artist needs a rock. I have two: my wife and Aliens. Becky will always remind me that my love and hobby is making movies. She pushes me to perfect the art and stay motivated, even when the odds are stacked up. Aliens is my whisper  from the past that tells me to keep dreaming and never give up. Aliens is the reason I want to make movies. I saw the film when I was far too young and it changed me forever. One of my few memories from elementary school was telling the class that I wanted to be a director of movies. Only the teacher knew what that was. I have been committed to that dream ever since.

I am passionate about filmmaking and enjoy most movies I see.  I remember a good friend of mine warning me about the soulless film industry and how many people it crushed. Along with his warning, he asked me what I would do if I failed. I told him that I would learn and keep trying.

I can’t give up on movies. They gave me my life. Without them, I wouldn’t have my wife, my best friends, my drive, my courage, or my passion.

In the end, I want to stay committed to excellence in filmmaking, while telling the story with an affordable price by pushing the available technology to the limits. With a combination of guerrilla filmmaking, passion, internet marketing, friends and family, luck, and love, we bring you Indiestructible–our latest venture into filmmaking and digital media. We do this because we can’t quit.