We love movies. We love watching them. We love making them. We love watching people watch them. We love watching people make them.

Indiestructible is the collaborative vision of a husband and wife team who simply love the craft of filmmaking, from the basics of storytelling to the digital technologies involved. Sure, Indiestructible is yet another ragtag production company with a random assortment of videos on YouTube, but it is also an engagement in the social community. The language of movies, the technology used to create them, the creative struggles behind developing a vision–all of these are topics we want to talk about with you, your friends, your counsin’s brother’s aunt’s coworker, or anyone really.

We believe that movies don’t always have to make you think, but some of the best ones do. We feel that masterpieces can be found within any genre, budget, or country. We’re not here to subvert mainstream cinema; we’re here to produce the best content we can within whatever limitations we find ourselves.